Bella Vista Foundation                    PO Box 5261                         Bella Vista, Arkansas   72714

Bella Vista, Arkansas is a unique and diverse community of 26,000 active, involved residents who value the beautiful scenic setting of the Ozarks, and has the feeling of a village.  They have access to a variety of amenities, including seven lakes, eight golf courses, a tennis center, trails, and numerous other recreational facilities.  

The unique governance of the community involves three entities.  The initial development was by Cooper Communities, Inc. in 1965, which retains some involvement.  The Bella Vista Property Owner’s Association (POA) owns and is responsible for all of the amenities.  The City of Bella Vista, which includes all residents, was incorporated in 2007 and is responsible for public services. These three entities, working together, maximize fiscal resources to provide improvement and development, while maintaining our unique social, cultural, and physical environment.  The Foundation partners with all three of these entities.

Bella Vista recently was ranked one of America's Top 10 best Healthy Places to Retire by U.S. News & World Report, and one of the top 25 best places for affordable homes by both and Money Magazine.

Bella Vista, Arkansas

Bella Vista Foundation                    PO Box 5261                         Bella Vista, Arkansas   72714


Bella Vista POA

City of Bella Vista, AR