Bella Vista Foundation                    PO Box 5261                         Bella Vista, Arkansas   72714

The Bella Vista Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, accepts and encourages donations, large and small, financial and otherwise, which will be used for the advancement of the purposes of the Foundation.  All such donations may be claimed by the donor as a charitable contribution and therefore deductible from income taxes to the extent authorized by law.

Contributions from the following sources are encouraged:

Individuals  Individuals may contribute property, cash, checks and other financial instruments in any amount. The Foundation has the ability to aggregate smaller donations to provide a larger financial resource, which can support a larger-scale project in the community.

Testamentary Bequests  Provision may be made in wills and trusts for contributions to the Foundation.  In addition, memorial gifts are encouraged.

Organizations and Businesses   Many organizations and businesses provide contributions to various causes in the community.  Giving to the Foundation provides an opportunity for aggregating several such donations and ensuring the proper oversight of the funds.

Estate Planning The use, conservation, and transfer of one's assets should always include a well-thought-out estate plan that takes into consideration: (1) The increase in value of an existing estate so that the needs of the family are met; (2) The preservation and protection of the estate from unnecessary taxes and costs; and (3) The orderly administration and disposition of assets upon the death of the owner. The Foundation provides the infrastructure to manage gifts such as charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts and endowment funds.

While donors cannot directly control the use of the funds once donated (according to IRS rules) suggestions for the use of such funds are welcome.  

Donations To The Foundation