Bella Vista Foundation                    PO Box 5261                         Bella Vista, Arkansas   72714

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Foundation?  The Foundation is an incorporated entity, governed by Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws certified by State and Federal governments.  Foundations are generally formed to perform charitable activities by receiving contributions of money or property for the purpose of serving, via grants, specific charitable needs as defined in the Foundation’s purpose for existing. The Bella Vista Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in accordance with IRS rules, which provides that contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible to the contributor to the extent provided by law.

Who Manages the Funds? Funds for the Foundation are held in the name of the Foundation and administered by the Treasurer, who is accountable to the Board of Directors.  Any collection and use of funds or properties are collectively managed by the Board of Directors and recorded in accordance with the Foundation Bylaws.

Are There Fees?  The Foundation does not charge administrative fees. Thus, contributions are 100% used to support charitable projects.

Is My Contribution Safe?  Funds will be managed conservatively by the Board of Directors in accord with IRS rules and generally accepted accounting practices.

                                  Bella Vista Foundation                                     PO Box 5261                         Bella Vista, Arkansas   72714

How is Project Funding Determined? The Board of the Foundation considers all requests for grants.  It will determine viability and the extent to which the Foundation can participate.

Are Small Contributions Useful and Accepted?  Yes.  The Foundation has the advantage of being able to aggregate smaller contributions from any and all sources in order to support a project, which may be beyond the ability of any single person, group, or business.

How does the Foundation Relate to the City and POA?  The Foundation is an independent entity.  It may partner with the City and POA on projects of mutual community interest, both in the raising of funds and the making of grants for such projects.  

What Can I do? You can make a contribution to be held by the Foundation for future community projects.  When the Foundation initiates a community project and solicits funds you can donate to that specific project.

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