Bella Vista Foundation                    PO Box 5261                         Bella Vista, Arkansas   72714

Grants & Application

Application for Grant The Foundation accepts and considers written applications for grants that are consistent with its purpose. In addition, the Foundation may initiate discussions with prospective grantees and encourage them to apply for a grant. The Foundation encourages applicants to initiate a contact for preliminary exploration of mutual interests. The Foundation may make grants to political sub-divisions but not to private individuals. The Foundation may make grants to non-501(c)3 entities provided that the benefit is primarily to the public and consistent with IRS guidelines for support of charitable activities.

Approval Process All entities desiring a grant must submit a written request providing all the information required by the Proposer’s Instructions. The Board of Directors will consider all grant applications and may attach appropriate conditions to a prospective grant.  Upon approval, the Board will execute a Grant Agreement.

Accountability Cash grants will be in the form of a check, and may be paid in full or in partial payments. Grant funds may not be comingled with other funds but must be held in a separate identifiable account.  The grant agreement may prescribe conditions and each grantee shall be required to provide a final report (financial and operational), and perhaps also interim reports, of the use of the grant funds, attested to by the responsible grantee officer.  The accomplishments enabled by the grant shall be clearly and specifically described.